Bachelor Pad’s Rachel Truehart and Michael Stagliano are No Longer Dating!

Rachel Truehart Bachelor Pad 3



Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad 3


  Since Monday’s Bachelor Pad episode Monday, people are asking if  Michael and Rachel are still dating.  They had formed a special relationship and things were looking very good for a future .  After Michael was eliminated, Rachel considered leaving the show.  However, Michael talked to her and she stayed.  Her new partner is Nick Peterson and we are told that they will be one of the final two couples.

 According to a report, Rachel has been dating casually in her hometown.  Michael is keeping himself busy going on tour to promote acoustic songs.  Fans have been waiting with to see what will happen on the finale.  Hoping, that the connection will still be there.  It sounds like they both have moved one, but who knows.  It could rekindle. 
Some have even suggested that due to final speech Erica Rose spit out to Michael, Rachel decided maybe he is not such a sure thing .   He was called a liar and much more.  So, for now that is the news about the two.

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