Bachelor Pad’s Nick Peterson Shares Why He Changed His Mind Not to Share The Money


Everyone was Shocked When Nick Exposed his Keep Sign for the Money


 Nick has had an interview since his “Keep” decision aired Monday night on the finale.    I was right in  my previous article when I suggested that his original decision about the money  might have been to share.  He would like to talk to Rachel and “patch things up” but feelings are raw and things need to settle down.

 Initially, Nick did talk with Rachel before the finale was filmed.   And they talked about sharing the money if they became the winners.  Then, Nick had the opportunity to watch the episodes and felt very insulted.  As he watched the episodes he started to change his mind.  And I’m still sure that all of the negative statements made by other contestants  on the finale just added fuel to the fire. 
He could not believe that Rachel said she really did not want to be his partner.  He thought to himself, “I can’t believe you said all those things.  You really didn’t want to be my partner.”  He was fairly sure she would choose share but he was not 100% sure she would.  So, now they were the winners and she wanted to be his partner.
So with resentment  and feeing insulted, he eventually picked “Keep” and we all know what happened after that.  Perhaps the two can talk sometime and iron out their resentments and feelings and move on.

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