Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano Has Returned To See if He Can Finally Get Lucky in Love

Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad 3

Michael Stagliano Bachelor Pad 3

 Michael has been around the Bachelor Franchise for many years. We saw him for the first time during Jillian Harris’ Bachelorette season.  He was eliminated on episode 7.  And last year, he was on Bachelor Pad 2.

 At one point, he had been engaged to Holly Durst and then the engagement was over.  It turned out that both Holly and Michael were both going to be on Bachelor Pad 2.  Michael was hoping that he and Holly could  reunite.   At first, it looked like it might happen, but eventually Holly found that she was interested in someone else. 
Blake Julian, a dentist, was a contestant from Ashley’s Bachelorette season and he and  Holly had chemistry.  Now, Holly and Michael were a couple for the show.  Things became a bit uncomfortable for the three of  them.
The finale is live so we won’t know who wins beforehand.  During the break between the ending of the show on TV and the finale, Holly and Blake became engaged and announced it at the finale.
Holly and Michael won the money and split it.  Michael was shocked to find out that Holly was engaged.  Holly had wanted to tell him before the show, but the producers took away her phone.  How nice was that?
I am happy to say that Holly and Blake have gotten married and they seem really happy. You can find someone on these shows, but it is not always easy.



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