Bachelor Pad’s Michael Stagliano Feels Kalon McMahon is an OK Guy!

Michael Stagliano Vouches for Kalon on Bachelor Pad 3



Tony Piper and Kalon McMahon Have Become Great Friends on Bachelor Pad 3


 Michael Stagliano has written in his blog that Kalon is an OK Guy.  But first he had this to say:

“Everyone can go  home now:  the world is exactly as you expected it to be.”

Apparently, Michael was able to spend a good amount of time with Kalon.  Michael is aware that most the fans think of him as a villain for what he related about Emily Maynard’s daughter, Ricki.

Michael feels that all of the guys were great, cool, laid back, and, stand up guys.   And then he followed with, “Yes, and that includes Kalon!  Kalon was nothing but nice, humble, and selfless to me, and while America sees him as a villian…it is my hope you will see another side of him on BP3.”

Very interesting.  Kalon has really not been a factor in any drama,  He and Lindzi are keeping company quietly, and he has not gotten anyone angry at him so far.  Perhaps he learned something on “The Bachelorette.”  I’ll wait until the end of the show before I make any judgment.