Bachelor Pad’s Kalon McMahon Denies that He is Not Serious about Lindzi Cox


Kalon and Lindzi Kiss


If you watch Bachelor Pad, you saw Kalon get into the same limo as  she did and he told her was  falling in love with her.  She told him the same thing, and he stated they there were truly the winners of the show.

Since then, we have seen photos of them together in her home town, and California.  But soon, after their photos were being shared, we had those who told us that Kalon is not really serious about Lindzi.  Erica Rose wrote to Reality Steve about seeing him out with the guys, not too many women, however.  Well that is a good thing.  Boys will be boys.   So, he was out.  So what?

Granted they live far apart and an “insider.”(There’s that word again), claimed he does not like the fact that the relationship is long distance.  Well, of course he does not like it.

Having gotten to know Kalon somewhat, I was not surprised when  he came back with the following.  “Lindzi and I are 100% absolutely dating.  But it is certainly difficult doing a long distance relationship…but we are making the best out of it as we can…We are doing our best to make it a healthy relationship.”

If  he truly did not care, why comment.  He knows he has not been seen in a very nice way.  He really has nothing to prove to us.  And, They would not be the first couple who began in a long-term relationship.  And he ended his article with this,

                                            “Being with Lindzi is effortless.”

What a lovely thing to say.  I truly hope things work out for them.  They really seem to compliment each other very well.





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