Bachelor Pad’s Jaclyn Swartz Loves to Manipulate People!

Jaclyn Meets Ben The Bachelor


Jaclyn Swartz Bachelor Pad 3


 We first saw Jaclyn Swartz as a bachelorette trying to get  Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s attention.  She is known to be competitive, smart, and manipulative.  And we certainly saw some of this during the premier of Bachelor Bad 3.  She hates Blakeley, but wants to pretend to be her friend for now.  And then, when the timing is right, Blakeley will see her claws.  Jaclyn made certain to let Blakeley know that Jamie Otis was kissing Chris Bukowski  That certainly stirred things up a bit. 

 If she could trade places with someone for a day, she would be Gisele Bundchen.  She is rich, hot, and married to Tom Brady.  For a terrific date, she loved to be taken somewhere as a surprise. Her best date so far, was a stroll after dinner in the city, holding hands, with no agenda.
She is not as forthright in her comments as Erica Rose is.  I think  Jaclyn is the lesser of two evils, but she could prove me wrong.

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