Bachelor Pad’s Jaclyn Swartz is Still Angry with Rachel Truehart!!!

Jaclyn Swartz and Rachel Truehart Bachelor Pad 3


As far as I  know,  Jaclyn Swartz and Rachel Truehart have not mended their friendship.  It has been reported that at the finale Swartz goes off on Rachel. 
Rachel was paired with Nick Peterson after Michael Stagliano was sent home.  Rachel and Nick won the final karaoke-themed competition.  As a result  they were forced to send another couple home.  Their choices were Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon or Ed Swidereski and Jaclyn Swartz.  Rachel and Jaclyn have been best friends for quite some time.  Jaclyn was certain she and Ed would be chosen to go for the $250,000.
Some could say the decision was friendship vs. $250,000.  Rachel was adamant that Jaclyn and Ed  stay.  Nick argued that it was more strategic to pick Chris and Sarah.  He stated, “We can’t take Ed and Jaclyn — it’s a no brainer.  Chris and Sarah have caused too much drama in the house and we can take advantage of that.  All of their screw ups are going to work to our advantage and we are going to cash in.”
Because of the friendship with Rachel and the fact that Jaclyn thought their performance was good enough to keep them in the game, she expected to stay.  However she and Ed were terrible.  Neither one could carry a tune.
 It took hours for the decision to be made.  Rachel caved under Nick and Jaclyn and Ed were sent packing.
As a result, Jaclyn had this to say,  “I want nothing to do with her in my entire life.   She is a piece if s–t.”   S  Jaclyn continued, “I can’t believe Rachel did this — I feel completely betrayed.  Our friendship is over. She’s dead to me.”  Pretty strong words.  Is she justified?
Here are some comments made by others, Jillian Harris, Ed’s ex fiance, had this to say, “Rachel owed that to Jaclyn.  It just blows my mind she would do that to her best friend.” 
Later, Jaclyn spoke to UsWeekly and said, “I don’t think that anyone can criticize or comment on my reaction unless you have been in those shoes.  Yes, it is a game, but a game that involves loyalty and emotions.  Anyone would be upset, angry, and disappointed if their best friend betrayed them and screwed them out of a chance at $250,000.”
Some have commented on the Internet:
Marler – “Personally if I were on a show with my best friend and it came down to her having to choose who she goes up against in the finale, I would encourage her to pick whichever couple she thought would be the easiest to win the money against.  It is just that a game…If a “BEST FRIEND” can’t see and realize that then she is a crappy friend.”
Duke – I don’t know that Jaclyn was expecting.  It’s a game show.  Your are supposed to play strategically.  Then again, this is a woman who actually liked Courtney so I don’t think she’s got too much in the way of brains.”
Anony – “Jaclyn, if you could not handle it, you should have stayed home.”
Susie – “It was a smart move to choose the couple easier to beat, a no brainer.”
BBC – “Rachel is stupid for doing this…I truly believe if they had picked Jaclyn and Ed to stay, the money would still have gone to Rachel and Nick.”
I hope at some point, Rachel and Jaclyn can find some common ground and at least talk to one another.