Bachelor Pad’s Chris Bukowski’s Behavior Last Night is Slammed by Chris Harrison


Sarah Newlon the New Girl on the Block for Chris Bukowski  at Bachelor Pad 3


In Chris Harrison’s TV Guide Blog, Chris stated this about Chris, “His arrogance really is astoundng.  Even if you think  you know what’s coming, the audacity is stunning in a sad way for him.”  I don’t think I have ever heard Chris as upset about what has happened on any of the Bachelor franchise shows before.

Here are a few of the remarks Chris B.  made last night:

“Jamie is not shy about showing her feelings.  She’s hot, but the feeling isn’t mutual.”  Chris feels she is desperate and that is why she hooked up with him.

He goes on to say,  “She’s a yapper.  I feel like the only way to shut her up is to kiss her.  But there’s no spark there.  I just look at her boobs.”  (Pretty terrible remark in my opinion.)

And this was the kicker,  “The best thing I have done is traded Blakeley and Jamie for Sarah.  It’s like buying a new car.  You get the nice new car smell and this is so much smoother and nicer for me.”

 Harrison went on to say, “He was not a nice guy.  He played all the women, used and abused them, and expected them to just deal with it.”
Chris Harrison was happy that Jamie gave Chris B. a piece of her mind before she left. 
Chris also felt is was stupid for Chris to take a new girl on a date, stating,
“If you sleep with Sarah, that’s one thing,  but to be in the middle of a strategic game where alliances and friendships and relationships are everything and you plowed through the house like a Vegas buffet, the stupidity is astounding.”
One of my first concerns after all of this was how Jamie would take everything when she watches this episode.  Chris also thought he could control the game by getting Blakeley voted off as she was too hard to handle.  Jamie is much easier for him.  But after the overnight date with Sarah, I am sure that is over.
 Michael Stagliano, part of  Chris’ alliance, did not go for it.  Blakeley was part of a fairly large alliance and you don’t vote someone off  in your alliance.  So the group voted Jamie off.  Michael stated that Chris now has a big target on his back. 
Chris will be one of the final four couples, but that is as far as he goes.   He did it to himself.  He will be with Sarah through the duration of the season.