Bachelor Pad’s Chris Bukowski Has Drastically Changed and He will Not End up with Blakeley or Jamie


Jamie Otis & Chris Bukowski Talk on Bachelor Pad 3



Blakeley Jones Sexy in her Swimsuit Bachelor Pad 3

OK Chris, what in the world  is going on?  Chris has really changed since we saw him on The Bachelorette.  Or has he?  I did see some red flags when he had difficulty with Doug, several times.  And when he got so angry at Emily, I felt sorry for him.  But now, as I think back, that was probably a red flag too. 
I don’t mind that he wants to play for the money, but he is going about it in a way I don’t care for.  He is lying and using sexual favors to get ahead.  Will it work?  I doubt it.  Already Blakeley is feeling unsure of him.  Although she gave him the group rose, I still think she is watching him more closely.
And then, there is Jamie.  He is stringing her along.  He told her he wanted to sleep with her, but when she went to find him, he was in bed with Blakeley.  And after that, she still wanted him.  Talk about a bad decision.  Reminds me of the book, “Women Who Love too Much.”
If you follow Jamie’s tweets, she has talked about this and how hurt she was.  And what was even sadder is that the bed Chris and Blakeley  were in was the bunk under where Jamie sleeps.  She eventually got into bed and pulled the covers over her head.  I think I would have gotten a huge pail of water and dumped it on them!!!
Neither Jamie nor Blakeley ends up with Chris.  He will be in the final four and his partner will be Sarah Newlon.  And Blakeley will end up with Tony Pieper.  How does that happen?  And Blakeley and Tony will be in the final four as well, plus they are dating  now. (More on that later.)
I’m so glad Emily did not choose him.  I think she picked up some negative vibes.  And they really did not have much chemistry after the first date.