Bachelor Pad’s Chris Bukowski Continues to Defend Himself Saying, “It’s Only a Game”


Chris Bukowski Bachelor Pad 3

Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon Romping in the Pool

 Chris was recently interviewed in light of the last two episodes.  Realty TV World asked him if he had a different way of handling things from the Bachelorette to the Bachelor Pad.   Chris was looking for love on The Bachelorette and in fact he did fall in love.  It was difficult for him at first, after being rejected.

 When given the opportunity to be on Bachelor Pad, he decided he wanted the money.  And in order to do that, he would need to play the game.   And that would mean he might have to lie a little bit.  He was quoted as saying,
  “I  was hurt and I laid my whole heart on the line during The Bachelorette, and I didn’t go into Bachelor Pad thinking there was a chance I’m going to find that girl that I want to be with.  So, I just took a totally different approach and played the game.”
Chris does not have any regrets and he said, “I don’t want to see anybody get hurt, but if you are going to go on a game show like Bachelor Pad, you should expect that your feelings get hurt. People are going to lie to you to win and that’s how to play the game and win.”
I still think he misses the point.  Yes, you have to be less than truthful at times, but I think Chris crossed the line.  Some people who go on the Bachelor Pad are hoping to find someone special.  And it happened last year.  Remember Holly and Blake?  And now they are married.  So I think it is a bit of a cop-out to say everyone is there just for the money.  But you know my wonderful first husband (deceased now) had a wonderful saying, “Some people, if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.”  And I truly get that.
And perhaps Chris just did not want to take a chance and get hurt again, so he had a bit of a wall up.  

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