Bachelor Pad’s Chris Bain is like a 90’s Real Action Hero and a Hunk

Chris Bain Bachelor Pad


Chris Bain Bachelor Pad Got to Love that Smile!


  Chris Bain is a hunk ladies.  Get ready for some fun, which I think he will provide.   And yes, he is another super fan.  You know I find myself wondering,  just what is a super fan?   Did ABC have a list of what they are looking for?

 Chris describes himself as a good old’ country boy from Georgia.   ABC says that he is,  “Very similar to a 90’s action movie hero, he wants what every hero has,  the money and a pretty girl on his arm.”   And, he has the skill to pull that off.   He is with a SWAT unit and truly enjoys kicking down doors and taking down criminals.   Oh, and if you like tattoos,  he has a few nice ones. 




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