Bachelor Pad Spoiler Nick Peterson Makes it to The Final Two Couples


Nick Peterson Contestant on Bachelor Pad 3


Nick Peterson has a Very Nice Body!

 When I read the name Nick Peterson, I had a vague recollection of the name. He was a bachelor during Ashley’s Herbert’s  Bachelorette  season.  Although he lasted until the fifth week,  he did not really make much of an impression on Ashley.  He is good looking and seems to have a lot going for him.

 He was very quiet with Ashley and if there is one thing I know, it is not very quiet at Bachelor Pad.  He is 27 years old  and he is a personal trainer.  With the nice body that he has, I am certain some of the women will be pleased. He just needs to up his personality and get rid of the shyness.  He currently lives in Tampa, Florida.
For fun, he loves line dancing and he wears all of his cowboy gear. He was is very proud of the fact that he was drafted by the New York Yankees in  2006. His career did not last long as he blew his first professional game as a closer in front of thousands of fans.   He will never forget being laughed at.
I just learned from Reality Steve,  that Nick and Rachel Truehart, became a couple this season.  And,  they make it to the final two couples.  I am so excited about that and can’t wait to see them together.

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