Bachelor Canada is Getting Ready to Launch Facebook and a Game to Get the Viewers More Involved!!

Brad Smith Your Canada Bachelor

Brad Smith Canada Bachelor Looking Great!

It  looks  like Bachelor Canada is getting smart!  They are going to be using Facebook to get information out to the fans.  They are very excited about bachelor Brad Smith.    Brad Smith is a professional football player, Canada’s first-ever “Bachelor.”   His most recent team has been the Edmonton Eskimos.  They are even going so far as to develop Poke4mon cards for grownups.  What a concept!!!  It will be available on Facebook.  Players will be given clues and secrets about Brad.  And players will also be able to share cards, and as you collect and share, you will be eligible for even more information.  Surely sounds like fun.  I wonder if ABC would ever consider such an option.   I’d be in for it.  You?