Bachelor 17 What Does Jackie Parr have in Common with Sean Lowe?

Jackie  is an air brush makeup artist and she also colors and styles hair in Florida.  She loves her work and is also trained in special effects makeup and prosthetics.  She truly enjoys her work and when her clients are happy with her work, that’s her payoff.  Certainly she will always look very good for Sean.  I will not be surprised if she does not help some of the other ladies make themselves beautiful.  It’s her nature!

Jackie Parr The Bachelor 17


Jackie Parr Takes Working Out Seriously – Bachelor 17


She was asked a few personal questions and here are her answers:


Who do you admire most in the world and why?

 My mon, she’s been through a lot and she’s still the most kind, giving, and patient person I have ever known.  She has dedicated a lot of time to volunteering and helping people.”

What is your most embarrassing moment?

 “I’m pretty clumsy so I fall a lot.  I had my blood taken once and was blacking out while my mom was taking me back to the car.  Apparently I had started screaming and sat down on what I thought was a chair in the waiting room, no chair, just an old lady!!!”

Which US City is the Most Romantic and Why?

 “New York during Christmas time.  All of the lights, the snow, and horse carriages are so pretty!

Jackie Parr The Bachelor 17

She takes very good care of herself by working out and eating well.  She stays away from all man-made sugar food, and eats whole grains, fresh fruit, and complex carbohydrates.  We know Sean likes to work  out and  it might be a great opportunity for them to work out together.  And she truly enjoys it, she would not be doing it just because he likes it.

It has been said of her that,  “She has talent, looks, and a body that could make men weep.”



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