Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Shares About Caring for More than One Woman, His Thoughts on Proposing, and More!

Since Sean Lowe is home now and has finished filming, everyone is clamoring for information about him and the show. It is no surprise that many have wondered about his thoughts when he discovered that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm had broken their engagement. Sean indicated that he did not learn about Emily and Jef’s breakup until his final destination. Previous to that, he had decided that Emily was not the one for him and The Bachelor was the route to go.

Sean Lowe is Back from Filming The Bachelor, Looking Relaxed and Happy

When asked if he felt the process would work for him he felt it would but he was very surprised that he could become so emotionally attached to several women. He stated, “I heard on seasons past, you know, it’s possible to develop feelings for multiple women, and I thought that would be so hard to do, but in this situation, it can happen and it did happen. And, I think you’ll see those relationships play out as the season airs.”

With regard to knowing if he was ready to move on after Emily, he feels he was. His heart had time to heal and watching the relationships Emily had with Arie and Jef, watching them develop, was helpful. Sean was ready for a fresh start.

As to when he would like to have children, he values family but would want to wait a few years to give him and his wife a chance to really get to know one another. But with Emily he was willing and ready to take that role of a parent on earlier and if the conditions were right this time, he would feel the same.

Did he want to and hope that he would propose on the show? Sean kept an open mind about that. He wants a wife and a family, but under the right circumstances. He stated, “I went into it open-minded and hoping I would feel that way, but you know I’m not going to propose to anyone if I am not ready or if I have any doubts at all, there’s no pressure to propose. We can obviously continue a relationship in the real world until I feel it’s appropriate to propose to her or I could say no to both the final two women.”

He wanted to come across stronger on The Bachelor then he did on The Bachelorette. Sean feels that his personality shines through more this time. He knows he looked very serious with Emily, partly because Emily is very proper. He feels we will see his funnier and more relaxed side.

Although Sean is not usually one to break the rules, he states that he will break a few of them, stating, “It was to find the love of my life, and I feel like there were certain points in the season where couldn’t follow the rules. I had to follow my heart.”

Sean Lowe Ready to Participate in a Marathon in Las Vegas, Post Filming

Sean attended Ashley and J.P.’s wedding in California, without a date. He was not able to stay for the reception as he had to fly to Las Vegas to participate in a marathon. But he could see their love at their wedding and he watched it grow during their engagement. He is hoping for the same.