Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe sat in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Hot Seat” Last Night

When we heard that Sean Lowe was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel last night, we were so excited.  Jimmy has always had a great way with those from the Bachelor Franchise.  Jimmy began by talking about the fact that Sean will be the bachelor with his shirt off more times than any bachelor before.  Sean laughed and explained that he does keep his body in good shape, and he also told us about the “grease girl,” whose duty it is to make Sean’s abs and chest always look great!  A grease girl?


Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel



Sean Lowe Bachelor 17

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 Jimmy Kimmel Live Show Hot Seat

Jimmy challenged Sean about the fact that Sean only dates these women and them possibly becomes engaged after only two months.  Sean shared that it probably does seem a bit odd, but the bachelorettes and he have no phones, no TV, no Internet.  His time is focused solely on them.   Jimmy looked skeptical but went on to share his pick for the top four.  And of course they are same women the spoilers have been suggesting, us included.

AshLee, Lindsay, Desiree,and Catherine.  Jimmy told Sean he would be watching Sean’s eyes to see if they would give him away.  Sean’s beautiful blue eyes did not move one bit.  Before Sean left, Jimmy stated, “Don’t rush into anything just because Neil Lane has  your jewelry.”




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