Bachelor 17’s Sean Lowe Has Another Occupation Besides Being an Insurance Salesman!

Sean Lowe is Not Only an Insurance Agent – He is the President of Fashion Gal in Dallas, Texas, a Custom Furniture Store

Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe and his Dog

Sean Lowe’s job description is described as “insurance agent.” However, he actually has another very interesting job. He is an owner, with two other friends, of a custom furniture store. It is called the Factory Girl in Dallas, and it is an online fashion and furniture store. Sean is the president. His main responsibility is brand management and expanding the company’s profile.

Now, we have a treat for you, because his bachelor pad is decorated with the custom made furnishings of his business. And, it is something to behold. Ready for a look? We wonder if he has told his fiance about this side of him.

Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Pad Furnished with his Company’s Custom Furniture

Factory Girl Buffett Table from Sean Lowe’s Custom Furniture Store