Bachelor 17 – Leslie Hughes is a Struggling Actress but She Keeps Close to the Action!

Bachelor 17 – Leslie Hughes Bio

Leslie Hughes Stunning in Yellow

Leslie Hughes Bachelor 17

Leslie Hughes is a struggling actress but she keeps close to the action.  When not acting, she keeps busy as a make-up artist and a production assistant at numerous studios in Hollywood. She is 29 years old and she thinks of herself as a hopeless romantic.  She loves to do little things for her special someone and truly enjoys planning something romantic.  She would love for a man to pursue her as she always feels it is the other way around.  Of what she looks for she stated,  “I want a man that’s so in love with me and he can’t imagine life without me.”  She once appeared on Fox’s “Take me Out,” where she was one of 30 women vying for one man’s attention.  I hope Leslie Hughes has better luck this time.
Will Sean Pick Leslie Hughes? Only time will tell…
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