Bachelor 17’s Lindsay Yenter (Final Four) Literally Wraps her Legs Around Sean on a One on One Date

 This past Wednesday, Oct. 10th, Sean Lowe had an amazing date in Whitefish, Montana.  He took Lindsay Yenter with him and they had some amazing kisses!


Sean Lowe and Lindsay Yenter Enjoy a Kiss at  a Concert in Montana



A Poster of Sean Lowe in an Effort to Make him More Western Looking




Sean Lowe and Lindsay Yenter attended a  free concert by Sarah Darling, Country Western Singer.   There was a great deal of planning involved and guests from the area were invited to attend.  There were specific instructions as to what time they had to be there and where to go.  They were also advised to bundle up and powder their noses for a  chance to be filmed for a special network television event. 

 We have some terrific photos of the actual date and the kissing was really something!

Lindsay Yenter Wraps her Legs Around Sean Lowe As they Kiss


Lindsay Yenter and Sean Lowe Kissing in Montana


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