Bachelor 17 Spoiler: To Whom is Sean Lowe Engaged?

Sean Lowe Hands out His Last Rose

Sean Lowe Bachelor 17 Hands Out His Last Rose

Believe it or not, we now know who the lucky young lady who is engaged to Sean Lowe. ABC has truly tried to fool us, in the fact that many of these young ladies were not known about until later filming episodes.

The final four are: Ashlee Frazier

Ashlee Frazier Bachelor 17

Lindsay Yenter

Lindsay Yenter Bachelor 17

Desiree Hacksock

Desiree Hacksock

Catherine Guidici

Catherine Guidici Bachelor 17

The hometown dates were filmed in this order, Ashlee Frazier first, in Houston, Texas.

Catherine Guidici in Seattle, Washington, originally, we told that her date was first.

Lindsay Yenter third, in Fort Lundwood, MO.

Desiree Hartsock, fourth, Newport Beach, CA

At the rose ceremony, Desiree Hacksock was sent home.

The final two were Catherine Guidici, and Lindsay Yenter. From what we have seen in publicity, one would think that Lindsay won the final rose, but in fact it was Catherine Guidici. Sean is engaged to Catherine. Sean did not tell one of the ladies earlier to go home, as he had made up his mind. They both show up, and of course he has to deliver the news to Lindsay that she is not the one.

The final rose ceremony was at the Pa Sock Tang Villa, outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand. We can’t wait until the season starts to watch how all of this takes shape.

Are you excited for Sean?