Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe’s First One on One Date Is in Los Angeles, Calif.


Sean Lowe and Mystery Woman  First One on One Date





 We already have a spoiler on Sean’s first one on one date.   It was a helicopter ride to the Watermarke Tower in downtown Los Angeles.  And like several of these types of dates, it involved repelling down the building and then enjoying a very nice dinner.  I would think they might try something a little different.  We have seen this type of date with Michelle Money and Brad Womack and Emily Maynard  and Ryan Bowers.

An individual near the location, took a picture of Sean and his lady repelling and then tweeted the picture.   They could not get close look at the woman but could tell that she is blonde and she wore a hot pink top.  Reality Steve was sent the information.  I guess that helps somewhat, we can just check out all of the photos of the blonde women.  We will keep looking for more spoilers.