Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe’s Final Four AshLee Frazier, Desiree Hartsock, Catherine Guidici, Lindsay Yenter

Meet AshLee Frazier There was no information on Ashlee until recently. She is now one of Sean’s final four and has already filmed her home town date. She is a personal organizer and helps you get your home more efficient. She has a web site which is LoveitOrganized. She is a Texan like Sean as she is from Houston, and her father is a minister. Therefore, she probably has a strong tie to her religion as Sean does.

AshLee Frazier Final Four Bachelor 17

Some interesting things about her, she admits that she takes a long time to get ready. Her most embarrassing moment happened when she was out dancing and her pants ripped down the back. Oh my!!
If she could meet someone special it would be Adele. She would love
to have lunch with her and discuss the story behind her music.

Meet Desiree Hartsock who is a fashion designer for Serenity Bridal and has been a designer for Kiyonna. She even made her dress for the very first episode. She is from Newport Beach, and her parents live in Ohio. She has a blog called, “Hope, Faith, Love, and Live,” but at the moment it is not working.

She loves the outdoors, which should have fit in with the dates in Montana and Canada. Not much has been written about her until recently so once again, ABC managed to keep her under the radar. Her favorite book is “Eat, Pray, Love.” She enjoys it because it is a “personal journey of overcoming and finding love and happiness along the way.”

Desiree Harsock Bachelor 17 Final Four

When dating, she likes someone who can be candid and goofy. Sounds a little bit like Sean. She does not want someone to act like someone else to impress her.

Catherine Guicidi has been kept under the radar. We had initial bio information but not much more than that. She is from Seattle, Washington. She likes to blog about vegan food. How will Sean like that?

Catherine Guidici Final Four Bachelor 17

Lindsay Yenter The young lady who literally wrapped her legs around Sean for a kiss, at a concert in Montana. Her father is in the military and she has traveled extensively. She would love to eat real pasta in Italy some day.

Lindsay Yenter Bachelor 17 Final Four

All four are beautiful and we wish them well.