Bachelor 17 Contestant Selma Alameri Shares Some of Her Favorite Things About Men!

Selma Alameri is very excited to meet Bachelor Sean Lowe.   She is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and Sean Lowe is certain to like that.  She owns her own company and calls herself a “Self-Starter.”   You will find that Selma Alameri is quite an intriguing lady.


Selma Alameri Bachelor 17 contestant

Selma Alameri Contestant Bachelor 17


Favorite Things About Men

Favorite physical feature on a guy:  Mouth and teeth

Three top qualities in a man:  Personality, Personality, and Personality

Best Place to Meet Guys:  Hopeless Places

Best way for a guy to approach you:  With confidence

Favorite feature:  Dark Hair

Years as a Cowboy’s fan:  5 years

Thoughts on Tony Romo:  HOT!!!

Thoughts on Jason Garrett:  HOTTER !!!

Favorite current Cowboy player:  They are all my favorites

Favorite all time Cowboy Player:  I am going to be cliché but Tony Romo as he has been there all of the years I have been a fan.

Some other Favorite Things

Favorite Movie:  The Notebook

Favorite Book:  Kite Runner (I cried my eyes out)

Favorite Music:  Country

Favorite Food:  Sushi

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