Attention! Emily Maynard is Back in the Limelight Having Signed with a Prominent Talent Agency!!

Emily Maynard  has recently signed with a very prominent talent agency, Cori Pembleton who works for the LA branch of Authentic Talent and Literary Management.  So, it looks like she may be in the spotlight again.   Who knows where this may lead.  A reality show of some sort, or working as a TV  Host?  Or perhaps, she will write a very interesting book.  Her life the past two years has been anything but dull and boring.   A tell all book could prove most interesting and revealing.  If she goes that route, there might be some who would be less than enthusiastic!!

Formerly Engaged Emily Maynard has Signed with a Major Talent Agency

Some of Authentic’s clients are Peter Sarsgard, America Ferreira and Meg Ryan.  Emily would certainly be in good company.  It would seem that Emily still wants to be in the spotlight.  She has previously hosted NASCAR racing segments  and podcasts.  We wonder how all of this plays into the broken engagement.  Did she want to do this and Jef was against it?   There had been some rumors after she and Jef  became engaged, that some sort of reality show might be in the works.  But, then we heard nothing more.
What do you think?  Is this a good idea?  Is it too soon?

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