Arie Luyendyk Was Not Able To Watch The Bachelorette on TV at First, But Later he Could, and Here’s Why


Arie Luyendyk, Jr.


Arie and Jef Good Friends on The Bachelorette and Still Good Friends Today



Even though Aire Luyendyk was not chosen as Emily Maynard’s fiance, his name appears frequently in many search engines. He appealed to many who watched his journey and now they want to know how he is doing, and what he is up to.
When the “Bachelorette” was about to begin on television, Arie was not able to watch it.  He felt it was too soon.  Remember, he was not sent home until after the final rose episode.  So, when he got home, it would be starting on television  soon.  He recalls thinking about his journal and what he had written and it was just too emotional to relive it right away. 
Eventually, he began to watch the show.  Many people were coming up to him and talking to him about the show.  He says, “I felt like I had watched it.   So, I ended up watching it and it was good for me,  because watching it was very therapeutic.  I could see her relationship with Jef and I could see that they had something really special.  It helped me get through it.”
And as he is feeling better,  he is not running out to see just who he can date right now.  He is taking his time and knows he capable of  love and that he deserves it.  And yes, if  Jef Holm asks him to be in his wedding, he will be happy to do it.

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