Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Shares How He Is Doing and What He Hopes For


Arie and Emily did Have a Great Connection



Arie is a very Good Looking Gentleman and Has Hopes of Finding His Lady in the Future.

If you remember, from the After the Final Rose,  Arie did not know Emily and Jef were engaged until he had a conversation with Jef on the phone.  He waited to make any statements or do interviews until the engagement became public. 
He still feels good about what he did.   During an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, he stated that he would not change anything.  He was himself and he is very grateful for the experience.  He is very happy he had the opportunity to meet Emily.  And the connection he developed with Emily only made the journey sweeter. 
Arie made the remark, “It was a wild ride.”  But he feels the experience helped him to know what type of women he really wants now. 
Some fans are hoping he will  be the next Bachelor if Sean turns it down.   He would need some time to think about it.  “I went into the Bachelorette with zero expectations and I found love.  It was very hard to move forward, but I still hold the same hope in my heart that someone out there will, someday, be the perfect fit,”  he stated. 
He and Jef are still very good friends.  In fact on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jef stated  that Arie may be in his and Emily’s wedding.