Are Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Having Second Thoughts about Their Breakup?


 Are  Emily Maynard Jef Holm having second thoughts about their breakup?  This Sunday, the two were seen together in Charlotte, hanging out with Ricki, Emily’s daughter.  Both Emily and Jef were wearing sunglasses and seemed to have grim faces.  Obviously, this photo was probably not one they planned on.  No one knows, as yet, why they were together. We will keep digging.  One thing would be nice, even if they are not getting back together, it would be great if Ricki could still have him as a friend if that worked out for everyone.  Some suggested that Jef did not get along well with Ricki, but numerous photos would say differently. If Ricki was aware that something was not right with Jef, I cannot see her continually pulling off a beautiful smile., while she was with him.



Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Out together in Charlotte This Past Sunday


The Family at Ricki’s First day of School


Jef Holm and Ricki Enjoy Time Together


Jef Holm Visits Ricki’s Hair Salon

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