Another Bachelor Pad Gentleman Goes to Bat for Kalon McMahon

David Mallet Bachelor Pad Likes Kalon McMahon


Kalon McMahon of Bachelor Pad Does Know How to Relax and Have Fun


Super Fan David Mallet,  just like Michael Stagliano, thinks that Kalon McMahon does not deserve the criticisms aimed at him.  If you recall,  he arrived to meet Emily Maynard on a helicopter, and he made a remark about Emily’s daughter, Ricki, which could be construed that she is “baggage.”

 David says that Kalon is so unlike his character from the Bachelorette.  David told a radio station, KISS-FM, that he goes with, “Kalon first because he gets the worst rap ever.”  That may well be, but perhaps as a result of  “The Bachelorette,” Kalon is trying to do a better job of displaying his personality.
David continued with, “He says the funniest, wittiest things.  I just enjoy being around him and hearing the stuff that comes out of his mouth.”  Do you think Kalon has turned over a new leaf?

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