Amazing Race 21 Chippendale Friends and They are Sexy


Jaymes Vaughn and James David Chippendale Friends on The Amazing Race 21


Meet Chippendale friends from Las Vegas.   James Vaughn is the host and singer at the nightly show at  the El Rio Hotel.  His friend, James Davis, is the adult male revue’s guitar player and dancer.  Don’t you just love their photo with the Chippendale cuffs and collars?  I doubt they will be wearing these during the competition.  And check out those nice abs!!!

  Jaymes Vaughn
Jaymes enjoys his work very much and his hobbies are singing, making money, and bargain shopping.  He describes himself as bossy, resourceful, and motivated.  His proudest moment is graduating from college with honors, after changing his major six times.
He likes Ryan Seacrest, because he reminds him of himself, they both like to hustle.  The thing he is really looking forward to is spending time with his friend, as they feel they really don’t’ get much quality time together. 
James Davis
James is 27 years old.  He describes himself as creative,  resourceful and ambitious.  His proudest moment was beating out other great dancers as the number one dancer. His pet peeve about his teammate is that he feels he has a short fuse.  ( I am certain we will see that tested during the race.)
Even though he is well built,  and seems like a hunk, he is really nervous about flying and hopes they do not get much turbulence!   He is hoping they visit Greece because it has so much history and beautiful architecture.
It is really difficult to find photos of these two sexy guys, which are not copy righted.  We shall keep trying.

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