Although Bachelorette Men Chris Bukowksi and Sean Lowe Did not get The Girl, They Came Away with Something Very Important


Emily Maynard at “The Men Tell All”


Sean’s Elimination


Chris Bukowksi The Bachelorette


If you watched  “The Bachelorette, The Men Tall All, you heard some very great statements.  Several men truly feel in love with Emily Maynard and that intense feeling can account for many things.

Two the men stood out for me and as I heard what they had to say, I understood them even better.  Let’s look at Chris Bukowksi.  He fought hard to remain in the final four men.  He asked to speak to Emily before she handed out the last rose of the evening.  He felt he might have blown it and needed to set things straight.  And, he did get the final rose that night.

When he was denied a rose after that, he was very upset, and some would say angry.  As he expressed himself  last night, I really understood where he was coming from.

 Basically, Chris often seemed uptight with others. When some (Sean) doubted that Chris was truly old enough to appreciate being a dad and being in a serious relationship, it set him off.

As Chris explained himself to Chris Harrison last night, I truly understood.   He said, “I cared about her so much. I was freaking out because I wanted her to meet my family. If I did not do that, I felt everything would have been a waste of time.”

He also said referring to the first night he saw her, “She looked absolutely perfect.  I never felt like this before. It is the top moment in my life.”

As Chris watched the clip of Emily with his family, you still see his raw emotions and Chris commented on it.  Chris replied, “I loved that girl 110%.”

 He also said, “We’re here today and we don’t know about tomorrow.”  He is looking forward to  being on Bachelor Pad 3.  Because of this Bachelorette experience, he knows what truly feeling in love is like and he is ready to look for that “Perfect girl”,  for himself.

And before I comment on Sean, what we are talking about here is raw and true emotion.  Four different men truly found themselves in love with Emily. All expressed the idea of marriage to her.  So, is it any wonder that they would be hurt and perhaps a bit angry? I think it is only natural. The final four truly opened themselves up  more than I think I have ever seen anyone do before.

I am sure we all felt for them.  I know I did.  And I still tear up as I watch those serious scenes.

Sean Lowe, a remarkable man, also thought he would go through to the end. But he did not make it to the final three.  He was a gentleman about it but I could tell he was very upset and shocked.

As he watched his rejection last night, he told Chris Harrison, “That’s tough to watch.”  And he said it was tough to watch Emily’s emotions as she struggled with her decision.

Sean said, “I truly believed that was my wife.   I was totally ready to be a father and a husband,.” …”She’s’ amazing, that’s not going to change overnight.  I miss her.”

After filming was over, Sean thought about it and realized it was the first time a woman has ever broken his heart.”  He remarked that his mom said,  “This will be good for you in the long run.”

And finally he closed with, “Emily opened my eyes. I am more open than before.”  And he is truly ready for when it is right. 

Many women already adore Sean.  Did you hear the clapping and cheering for him  every time  Chris said hs name?

I have to say, this was truly an amazing season.  I hope Emily is indeed engaged and happy.


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