8/28/12 Update on Cheating Scandal for Emily Maynard and Jef Holm


Emily, Jef, Ricki Enjoy a Family Outing Sat.



Jef and Emily Shopping


According to Reality Steve, Mike Holm, Jef’s brother, was not paid for his comments to Us Weekly.   And the “cheating” they are referring to is not an affair but the supposed texting  I wrote about previously.    Us Weekly says Jef and Emily are engaged and they say they have information about the texting.  Time will tell.  Tomorrow, I believe a new addition of Us Weekly is coming out.

 Now Reality Steve also feels that Jef’s brother Mike,”It not playing with a full deck.”  He knew a fight happened and he did not know that his mentioning it would cause such a fuss.  Really?  Emily and Jef are under the microscope everyday. 
We shall have to wait and see what they print and then see what response we get from Jef and Emily.  I just wish Mike would mind his own business.  He states he did not mean any harm but he went on to say that, “I’m just looking out for my brother, we still love Emily and we hope they get through this.”  Please!  He only added insult to injury. Meanwhile, Jef and Emily have been carrying on as usual and do not appear stressed in their photos.

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