Kara Monaco Playmate of the Year 2006, Is Excited About Being in the Big Brother House 14!

Kara Playboy Magazine

Kara Arrives at the Big Brother House

Kara Monaco is 29 years old and is best known as Playmate of the year in 2006. She describes herself as loyal, funny, and smart. For fun she enjoys yoga, hiking, and running. She certainly looks like she keeps in shape.

In order to win, she feels you need to be competitive and able to play the social game. Sometimes contestants find themselves at a loss when confronted with so many people to interact with. I doubt that will be a problem for Kara.

Now, we know that Willie Hantz likes strippers, and of course Kara is not a stripper. I wonder how they will get along. It will be interesting. The thing she will miss the most is being able to talk to her mom everyday.

She once had a job that probably many would envy. She worked for Disney for about four years dancing and performing, playing Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White. Her motto: “Live life to the fullest.

It will be interesting to see if she discloses her Playmate winning. It could be helpful or not. I look forward to seeing how she will play the game.