Ken Barrington and Yanina Beccaria Are One of the Final Three Couples on Love in the Wild, Learn More About Them!

Ken Barrington Love in the Wild 2

Yanina Love in the Wild 2

Ken showing Yanina His Photo Album of Foster Dogs

Kenneth Barrington and Yanina Beccaria have been together since the very first challenge. Yanina chose him and they have done remarkably well.

Ken is originally from Peoria, Ill, and now lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He is a real estate developer. He got tired of the dating scene in Miami and decided to give “Love in the Wild,” a chance. He also has a softer side and is a foster parent for his local animal shelter.

During the first challenge, there were trios and another man, was added to the mix. Both men wanted to continue their adventure with Yanina and did their best to woo Yanina. Ken, shared his photo book of his foster dogs. It was so cute and Yanina really seemed to like it. She decided to stay with Ken.

Later, there was another trio, but with women this time. Ken told the woman he picked that he was very happy with Yanina. She understood and after the challenge Ken and Yanina stayed together. Unlike some of the men, Ken is taking things slowly. As of episode four they were enjoying kisses and some cuddling time.

They seem to work well together and have landed in the final three couples. During episode five, things did get a bit uncomfortable between the two of them. Ken felt Yanina was being very bossy, and he wondered if he could live with that.

Later, Yanina realized she had not been as nice and gave him some spa treatments. They both had green stuff on their faces and he was loving it. He even told everyone at the couples ceremony about the spa treatments.

I feel they could win this. They communicate well and work well together. But, they have to concentrate on the challenge. During one episode, they ran so quickly to the next map, that they forgot to pick up the tools needed for the task. Neither one gave the other one a hard time. Even if they don’t win, I see them pursuing this relationship after the show.

Yanina Beccaria is from Rosario, Argentina and currently live in Chicago, Ill She is a former “Ice Girl” for the Chicago Blackhawks. As a result, she knows how to be competitive. She loves to flirt and she also used to play lingerie football on the Chicago Bliss Team, but when she tore her ACL, that was the end of that

Up until now, she has enjoyed the single life but she is beginning to think about settling down and eventually having a family. She has worked well with Ken and they have a lot of fun. They are getting more serious about each other. Of Ken, she once said, “He is good looking and smart.” And she likes that combination!