10 Surprising Facts About Sean Lowe Bachelorette Contestant

Sean Holding his Niece and his Nephew

Sean and Emily Enjoy London, England

It has been fascinating to watch Sean’s journey with Emily. Things really seemed to come together in England with his 1 on 1 date. Since then, both he and Emily seem to have stars in their eyes when they are together.

Here Are 10 Surprising Things About Sean
1. Before doing The Bachelorette, Sean listed his favorite romantic city as New York. He feels it is very inviting and so many great places to go. Since filming The Bachelorette I would guess that his favorite romantic city is London.

Of his visit to England he had this to say, I would absolutely go back to London. London was so romantic, and it’s just full of so much culture and history. You know, I could — I could see a wedding there, if that were in the future, or a honeymoon, sure.”( maybe we shall see some of this.)

2. He loves his family and looks forward to having one of his own someday. He often takes his sister’s daughter to gymnastics.

3. His biggest fear is losing his wallet.

4. His motto: “If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

5. During the day, he sells insurance, and by night, a model.

6. He played football and his greatest accomplishment is the full scholarship he received to attend college at Kansas State University.

7. He played matchmaker for his sister, hooking her up with one of his football buddies. They are married and have two lovely children.

8. He did not know who Emily was and that she had a daughter. His family clued him in. He never thought about being a Step-Father, but after his date in London and connecting with Emily, it became a real possibility. And he became very open to it.

9. He is ladies man and used to date a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Brooke Sorensen. He is a serial monogamist.

10. He is 6 tall and he was the tallest contestant. Emily has to get on to her toes to reach him. I am sure he assists her!

He certainly sounds like someone she could be happy with.
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